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I have often remarked this sensibility of the common people of Spain to the charms of natural objects. The lustre of a star, the beauty or fragrance of a flower, the crystal purity of a fountain, will inspire them with a kind of poetical delight; and then, what euphonious words their magnificent language affords, with which to give utterance to their transports. But what lights are those, Mateo, which I see twinkling along the Sierra Nevada, just below the snowy region, and which bass grapevine pro shop tx be taken for stars, only that they are ruddy, and against the dark side of the mountain. Those, senor, are fires, made by the men who gather snow and ice for the supply of Granada. They go up every afternoon with mules and asses, and take turns, some to rest and warm themselves by the fires, while others fill the panniers with ice. They then set off down the mountains, so as to reach the gates of Granada before sunrise. That Sierra Nevada, senor, is a lump of ice in the bass grapevine pro shop tx of Andalusia, to keep it all cool in summer.
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